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Express yourself to the world!
At the beginning of this project back in 2000, items were submitted to Treasurepages.com to be considered for posting to this site as a "shared thought." The poems and wishes you see on this site were submitted with the honor system of authenticity.
The editor, Keith Gonzalez, posted the finalists.

Items are caterorized and organized by birth month and day. Submittals are not regularly accepted, but you may submit items to moonphase9@yahoo.com for consideration. Use the subject Treasurepages Poem Submittal.

Be sure to include in your submission:
  • First Name or nickname (required)
  • Last Name (optional)
  • Birth Month and Day (birth year not required)
  • Email Address
  • Submission Type (poetry or one wish)
  • Poem or One Wish
  • One sentence or short paragraph as your personal biography
Thank you!