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Welcome to Treasurepages.com. The original story of Treasurepages.com begins back in 1999 as a place where people could express their thoughts and poetry. From this foundation we continue to build on that theme and communicate positive ideas to the world.

Treasurepages.com has no religious affiliation or political position. We respect all spiritual forms of expression. We simply believe that communication is the key to peace and awareness between intelligent individuals. We believe art is essential to life and thus have created a place where you can find contemporary expressions.

October 2012 - Exciting news! Treasure Pages Publishing is now offering the latest release of an electronic book for the iPad and also in PDF format.

Moonphase: Reflections thumbnail Enjoy some positive energy today!

The pages of this book take the reader through the cycles of life using visual and meditative imagery. Subtly aligning with the ancient philosophy of the Chakras, each stage of life is explored and brought to the mind's eye through affirmations, phrases and reflective teachings.

In the same amount of days it takes the moon to travel around the earth, the twenty-eight photo pages of the chapters give the reader important awareness to start the day and begin a whole new journey to become closer to the deeper meaning of life.

Chapter titles: Origin, Growth, Potential, Joy, Expression, Insight, Reconnection

Download sample PDF of the book by clicking on the icon.


To purchase this new book:

  • iPad users - As of October 10, 2012, open your iBooks app and search for Moonphase in the Store section. Price $2.99 for version specially made for iPad.
  • iPhone and Android phone users - please send an email to moonphase9@yahoo.com to express your desire for the book in a format that accommodates smaller screens.
  • Other users - We now offer a PDF copy of the book for viewing on regular computers and some tablet devices.


PDF purchasing:

For a limited time, Moonphase: Reflections is now available with a special dedication page as part of the PDF book. Using the "Buy Now" button below, please fill out the name of whom you would like the dedication addressed.

If you are buying multiple copies (have multiple dedications), leave the space blank and I can contact you afterwards for the details.

Publisher: Treasure Pages Publishing
Length: 33 pages (including dedication)
File size: approx. 7.8MB
Language: English
Price: $2.99 US

Dedicate this copy to:
(NOTE: To ensure security we use PayPal to complete the transaction to moonphase9@yahoo.com. Opening a PayPal account is not required.)